Ms Sylvia van Zuilen

Congres coordinator | Division of Pediatrics

Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (part of the UMC Utrecht) | Room KH 01.424.1 | Postal number KH 01.419.0 | Po box 85500 | 3508 GA  UTRECHT, the Netherlands

Phone: +31 88 75 546 90 | Fax: +31 30 25 047 47 | Email:

CPX International Inc.

CPX International Inc. (formerly The International Society for Exercise Intolerance Research and Education (ISEIRE)) is a Society that has been established since 1996, and organises the annual ‘European Practicum in Exercise Testing and Interpretation’. It also teaches the science of Exercise Testing to doctors, scientists and other medical groups. The Society has Chapters which allow different countries to advertise their own meetings.